Welcome Leaders

Welcome to Starting Point!

As a leader, you have a terrific opportunity ahead of you, guiding your group members in a conversational environment as they explore faith and experience community. This site is designed to equip you to lead well.

Prior to leading, we encourage you to read through the Introduction to Starting Point and the Introduction to Leadership in detail. These two sections help to set the tone for the Starting Point environment. Preparing to Lead, will provide information needed to prepare you and your group members for a successful group.

Each chapter in the Starting Point Conversation Guide has a link on the left that provides helpful information for leading the discussion. It includes the content of the Guide, along with helpful tips. In certain sections, it will recommend that you not ask every question during the group time, and then help you identify which questions are most important.

Thank you for humbly leading your group members in a conversation about faith.

The Starting Point Team

* Launching Starting Point at your church? Please visit the New Leader Orientation section found in the EXTRAS tab on the left.