Next Steps


We hope you enjoyed your Starting Point experience. Now that your group is ending, you may be wondering, What’s next?

SP-NextSteps-ConnectIn Starting Point, you experienced how you grow when you’re connected with others. If you want to keep that going, connect with your local church to find a group of people in a similar stage of life to grow relationally and spiritually.


You can grow in your faith and meet people as you give your time and energy to others. Join a service team in your local church or community.



Starting Point is just the beginning. Continue your faith journey with these resources for help with prayer, Bible reading, and other suggestions to guide you in your next steps.

Do you attend one of our North Point Ministries churches? Find out how to take a next step here:

Browns Bridge
Decatur City
North Point
Woodstock City

Thank you for sharing your time and story with us. As you go forward and explore your next steps, don’t hesitate to contact your leaders with any questions or concerns.

— The Starting Point Team