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Welcome to Starting Point!

As a group member, you have access to additional resources intended to enhance each week’s discussion. You will find a variety of resources here, such as videos, books, and articles about a particular week’s topic. You can do as much or as little as you want-–-it’s up to you. These resources will give you the opportunity to have a conversation about faith.

Each week, the following resources are available:

    • Media Message: This is a message by Andy Stanley. Please keep in mind that the message was not intentionally designed to have the same content as the guide; rather, it was created to supplement the overall discussion.
    • Storylines: This brief list represents the most important ideas from each section of the chapter.
    • 60 Seconds On: In 60 seconds, each video explores a different topic pertaining to a particular week.
    • Continuing the Story: Bible verses, articles, and recommended books to read
    • Digging Deeper: Other recommended books, videos, articles, etc.

The Starting Point Team

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